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You will be very impressed...The Temecula Murrieta are is an area like no other! It has been compared to an "Orange County", just newer and very well planned. There is shopping of any kind and a myriad of restaurants that rivals any city. The 15 South Freeway splits Temecula from the Commercial side and the Residential and Shopping areas. There is so much to see and do and the Wine Country has become a famous spot for all to visit. Some of the finest wines come out of this area.

I ride my Harley to show property in good weather around the Temecula area to do my part in saving fuel at 45 mpg hwy, so if you have a motorcycle too...bring it! Or...I can drive you in luxury in my "Touring Sedan" choose!


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The Temecula California/ Murrieta/ Wildomar area is a fast growing, well planned area. Located in Riverside County just 20-30 minutes to the South/West of Hemet on either side of the 15 Freeway at Rancho California Road to the South at Winchester Road, all the way up to Wildomar just North of Clinton Keith Road about 15+ miles. Temecula is a very diverse communities that offer high end executive living as well as middle income housing.

There are a myriad of different dining experiences in the Temecula area!
The retail shopping in Temecula will rival that of Palm Springs and Orange County!

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(951) 265-6260

After dialing in your ideal Temecula and Murrieta properties, I will send the first property on the tour to meet at...afterward...we will sit at one of my locations or a restaurant of your choice to put together an offer that best suits your needs. See you soon! If your making an offer on a property...lunch or dinner is on me!

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Temecula / Murrieta, California
Temecula City Hall

Thank you for visiting my Temecula Real Estate web site. This site was built to be simple to use when thinking of buying Temecula area homes and Temecula property or selling your current Temecula area property. My Temecula, Murrieta Real Estate, MLS Land search and full business search page, commercial and income lists are a one of a kind for Temecula area web sites. Temecula, Murrieta and Wildomar are terrific areas to live in with all the modern conveniences. They are well planned California communities. Thanks again Temecula for visiting and hope you keep coming back for all your Temecula and Murrieta needs! Feel free to ask any questions regarding Temecula past and present. Temecula Wineries are so awesome. Temecula Wine Country is getting famous!

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